Россия мем: from an American Perspective

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Solvient Anthem:

Gopnick Beats:


Memes have gone global. I don’t mean meme in the Richard Dawkins sense, but the DANK internet sense.

Let me preface my Russian memes article with this: Some memes are illegal in Russia, but due to New START I will refrain from posting the weapons grade dankness.

My first Russian Meme:

Cheeki Breeki

From the game Stalker. A relentless taunt for any Russkia brave enough to expose themselves as such between the years of 2010 - 2012


They squat, they smoke, they fight. They love Adidas.


Horses and lutes


They beat us to orbit, space, and the first space station. The American race has been forever butt blasted by these facts.

Thank god we made it to the moon or we’d be speaking Communist right now.

Russian Navy Seals

It’s not all Russia specific, they have tapped into the global love for cats


Were there ever lines for bread? Were the lines long ennough for it to matter?

Gorbachev and the American Super Market is another popular may-may. Did it every happen? Is it even real? Does it matter?


With all of the espionage in the Solviet era. It was almost like the two world powers were working together to build cool stuff. At least they could save face and get to it without the beurocratic nonsense, bloat, and nonsense of the

They even have forced memes in Russia!


Tankies, and forced Solviet memes

Solviet memes has a persistant murmer in American society. Maybe because it upsets Boomers,