Daily Meditation: Direction, Thinking, and Automation

body { color: #b58900; background: #002b36; } a { color: #b58900; } On my Life's Direction Since coming to Austin, I've looked for direction. I've always had a deep appreciation of systems, and believe my answer lies in the refinement of those I hold and admire currently.


You're me, ignore a lot of the implications of that fact. I wrote a gcode sender, and a serial interface for node to talk to a little stepper controller. My 3D printed was kind of well tuned, didn't want to rip it apart, so I needed something to play with.

Exhaustive Static Site Guide (A Work in Progress)

body { color: #4fc1f4; background: #600030; } a { color: #4fc1f4; } What is a Static Site? This is a Static Site! A static site is a flat collection of files. HTML, CSS, Client Side Javascript.

Cool blogs

body { color: #4fc1f4; background: #600030; } a { color: #4fc1f4; } I always have a hard time finding cool blogs and podcasts to keep up with, here's a list I'm curating.

Cool Sites

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