Weird things I'm thankful for

February 2018 ยท 3 minute read

Things I’ve come to appreciate with my recent soul searching.

I’ve been engaging myself more philsophically, politically, etc recently. A friend of mine asked me about things I’m thankful for and these are some of the more abstract things.

“Life is a journey, not a destination ๐Ÿšฌ๐Ÿšฌ๐Ÿšฌ”

Goals always present themselves as just out of reach. Rarely as impossible. I’ve had moments where I’ve felt “If only I had more {money, time, effort, talent, etc} I could accomplish X.

The goals and hurdles I’ve approached and couldn’t accomplish have generally redefined themselves in others ways that are attainable, but require personal growth. Always at your finger tips seemingly attainable, and when they are being resolved and further defined, it unrolls in a way that is even more attainable! Never has a goal resolved to “impossible.” Maybe this is more positive outlook than truism?

I think it’s more fun solving non linear problems this way too. Finesse and style accomplish what a billyclub, a dump truck of cash, and a hundred lifetimes can’t. Extra true for passions that are battles against yourself, learning, philosophy, etc. A happy rabbithole.

Truth is like grasping through a net at something. There’s something beautiful about that.

Thankful for a certain type of fear

Vastness of the Universe? Existential fear?
Things worthy of crisis level fear are generally closer to your face than “out there” and are by nature more affectable. Look around yourself. You can affect your microcosm with less effort and those efforts scale with size of what you want to affect. The most alarming are thankfully the easiest to fix. It’s neat to be in a place to be affraid of what’s outside of that.

Signal - Noise - Self

The individual communicates health in a way groups don’t. Emotions. Listen to your body and those of people around you. They’re always broadcasting in a way that abstract things can’t. Cozy to look at basic physiological reflexes than attempt to apply blind reasoning.

The Gum analogy about the girl from Cuba

Formerly communist and maoist cultures becoming more indulgent. What good is a dramatic regime change (like Communism) if the underlying beliefs don’t transfer to the next generation? Perhaps the original ochestrators were willing to take a dramatic stance, but it’s only reasonable when framed with the immediate past, and that fades away. This goes for all ideas, even ones I categorize as correct.

Not all decisions are mine to make – in a good way!

I don’t have to have a stance or make a decision. I know i’m far removed from some things, let people closer sort it out. Women stuff, minority stuff, environmental stuff, taxes, laws, managing things, making perfect coffee etc. I have beliefs and ideas, but I believe in trustng people closer to those problems, and that aleviates a lot of stress.


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