Spread0r for EVERYTHING!

April 2017 ยท 1 minute read

Spread0r is a speed reading app, supports Unicode, uses perl and GTK to enable you read up to 1000 words per minute! A huge thanks to the author https://github.com/xypiie/spread0r I put a copy of spread0r.py in my /usr/local/bin/ directory and use a series of scripts to launch it. By default, running spread0r without arguments prompts you to select a plain text file inside your file manager.

With a little bit of scripting you can read any textfile documents.

This is the shell script I use read the contents of my clipboard in the speed reading app.


#path to speed reader script
#xclip content as arg to reader

filenameet=$(date +%s)

xclip -o > /tmp/$filenameet

/usr/local/bin/spread0r.pl /tmp/$filenameet

It’s as easy as copy and launch from hotkey!

I got my friend Luke to check it out.