Hi, I'm Thomas, this is my site for posting blogs, guides, hosting stuff I make, etc.

I host this blog on AWS with a cool maintainence flow and deployment pattern.


I use a Static Site Generator called hugo with a theme I made called minimalthom. Feel free to use and adapt my theme for your own use.

My workflow is text editor based, as I edit I run hugo's server hugo server and watch how my edits effect my webpage. It renders nearly instantly making the workflow an absolute joy to use.

Basically, everytime a file is edited, hugo recompiles and serves the site locally

I write more on hugo and static site generation here

The editing workflow is very comfortable!


I use git, a version control system to keep track of changes. When I'm happy with my sites current state I push all my changes to a git repository. That repository triggers a build process which generates my site, tests that site, stages it, and deploys it.

Serverless Hosting

I use a common managed services hosting pattern. A CDN caches an object store, and my DNS record points to that CDN distribution.

Built and Deployed with AWS Codebuild

Codebuild Status Badge

Neat stuff

I'm a big fan of alternative network stacks, and a distributed web. Information is already a sort of distributed web (or graph) it would make sense to conceptualize and practice using the internet as such.

Just like my last one, this site will soon be served over dat://, its content deliverable via torrent, my local piratebox, etc etc.