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December 2017 ยท 1 minute read

Welcome to my piece of the Web.

Hi, I’m Thomas. This is my personal web page where I share content from around the net, and inject a bit of my own.

If you want to copy, link, mirror, translate anything I write here, feel free dude.

Site info

This website is generated using a static site generator called Hugo, written and staged on my Z61m ThinkPad, and published to Amazons CDN. Perhaps it will eventually be distributed through other more interesting methods as well.

As of Feburary 11th, 2018 I support the dat protocol dat://b36a0a890f30b7100d8891607fd31a4b08fd1326c1936622d1a430639787828c Access it by having a dat compatible browser dat://tfolbrecht.com My dat:// infortmation:

Added support for Brave payments and the associated Basic Attention Token micropayment currency! My Basic Attention Token information: